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Compact scale, an important tool of weighing, whose design follows guidelines to provide optimal weighing solutions focused on compact or small-sized objects. The compact scales, are physically a scale of small platform or dishes, which serve as basis for the objects placed on them in spite.

Compact scale, they can supply solutions in various fields, whether they are in business, trades, small greengrocers or butchers, are used in restaurant, among others. In general terms the compact scales are quick and easy installation and handling, provide simple and fast readings through LEC or LCD indicators.

In ScaleMarket.com we have compact equipment of multiple functions, i.e. that are not limited to a single function, but it can also be used as weighing equipment for counting scale, conversions of measures, and others. In addition, our compact scales have advantage with regard to cleaning of each product, by its size and processing materials allow constant washing and sterilization.

The compact scales are characterized for being one of the most easy to use measuring instruments, which makes that the user does not require a high level of knowledge to operate it. Because most are portable takes into account the load and battery use time covers your requirements. We offer great variety in terms of the capacity of the compact scales, materials of preparation of high durability and resistance to corrosion, as well as protection against dust, moisture or liquids.

ScaleMarket.com, offers support and advice completely free! In addition to post-purchase attention.


salter-brecknell-311-compact-balance (11lb)

This simple weight-only electronic scale is perfect for letter and small parcel mail to ensure correct postage without overpayment. Includes On/Tare, Off and Units buttons. Displays weight in lb/oz, kg or grams. The low profile design is easy to use and store. Uses 4 AA batteries (included).

Our Price: US$66.00
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salter-brecknell-cb100-cbx100-compact-balance (100g)

The CB Series includes two 50 gram test weights for calibration and verifi cation of accuracy. The CB100 operates on one 9-volt battery (included). The CBX100 operates on 4 AAA batteries (included). An AC adapter is included with each model. The CB100 and the CBX100 comes complete with carrying case.

Our Price: US$159.00
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sartorius cpa microbalances (5 to 10 mg)

The CPA Microbalances with stainless steel work areas and high-quality metal surfaces make it easy to keep the microbalance clean. The CPA2P-F variant is specially designed for weighing filters with diameters of up to 120 mm.

Our Price: US$12804.00
Market price: US$13200.00 save 3%
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virtual vb-303a, vb-304a, vb-305a precision economic balance (300g to 205g)


- g,oz,dwt,GN,lb,ct,kg,tr,tb,tl
- S/S pan dia 90mm/3.5" with windshield, RS232 counting, animal,%

VB-304A-300: (Fluorescence)
- g,oz,ct, tb,tr,dwt
- S/S pan dia 90mm/3.5" with windshield, RS232 counting,%

VB-303-2000: (LCD)
- g,oz,dwt,GN,lb,ct,kg,tr,tb,tl
- S/S pan dia 150mm/5.9", RS232, counting, animal,%

VB-304-2000: (Fluorescence)
- g, oz, ct
- S/S pan dia 150mm/5.9", RS232, counting, animal,%

VB-305 (Fluorescence)
- S/S pan dia 90mm/3.5"

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