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Counting scales, are characterized as being useful tools in the meticulous count of parts, taking weighing systems to another level, as these are able to provide very long cumbersome and sometimes processes, in terms of the parts count. The counting scales are useful in tasks as precise calculation of units, inventory or other, facilitating multiple projects or day-to-day tasks of labour character, in processes faster and of course satisfactory, which generates directly benefits and financial progress in your company.

Our counting scale, have a functioning mechanism that records the weight of each piece per unit, which allows you through those records stored in the memory of the counting scale, is able to determine the amount of parts or items that have been placed on the platform of the counting scale.

One of the missions of the counting scale, has been the optimisation of the time, as this factor is decisive for the production of any company, so this is a significant resource, since it speeds up to maximize the effectiveness of the count in businesses that require an effective count parts, either for sale wholesale or retail them, as well as for the control of inputs and outputs inputs amount requiring a vendor or multiple vendors at the same time super useful for preparation of inventories, raw count; also widely used in the business of classification of goods with small parts such as haberdashery, hardware stores, electronic parts, screws, nuts, among others count. Counting scales, highlight to do a count completely manual and practical for the operator, as in training it is easy to use.


salter-brecknell-s650-counting-scale (12lb, 30lb, 60lb, 120lb)

There's no need to spend hours training employees on the operation of the 650. Utilizing color coded keys.


Our Price: US$995.00
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salter-s630-counting-scale (6lb, 12lb, 30lb, 60lb)

Digital Counting Scale available in four capacities, is an easy-to-use, high-resolution counting scale featuring keyboard tare and unit weight entry, as well as a memory accumulator.


Our Price: US$525.00
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virtual vw-330-a-c counting scales (1.5 to 30kg/110lb)

Beep function to indicate shortage of sample.
Automatic zero tracking.
Automatic shut-down in preset time.

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virtual vw-330-c counting economic balance (1.5 to 50kg)
  • Counting / weighing
  • 3 Column LCD weight display-Weight (kg), Unit Weight (g), Total (pcs)
  • Large 12mm LCD display with backlight
  • Alarm function to highlight shortage of sample
  • Large stainless steel weighing platter (28cm x 22cm)
  • Lack of sample, piece weight indication
  • Stable indication
  • Re-chargeable battery or AC/DC adaptor
  • Auto power shut off (selectable)
  • Low battery indication

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Call 1-877-722-5308 Miami, FL. SkypeAsk a question about this product