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These counting scales are the ideal tool to determine the precise number of parts, are perfect for inventories. For the computation of parts is necessary to first determine the specific weight of a piece, you can enter it on the keyboard or let the counting scale obtain it.


Salter Brecknell Coin Counters B140 30kg

Advanced higher accuracy counting/coin scale with increments for good resolution on counted parts. Three bright LED displays with three brightness levels. Rugged ABS plastic base with stainless steel weight platter. Comes standard with PLU's, time and date, upper and lower count limits, accumulation and preset tare with RS-232 function. The 30 kg/60 lb capacity functions either as a counting or coin counter. Operates on either US/UK/EU power supplies (all included) or built-in rechargeable battery.

  •  Currency Feature Added (30 kg / 60 lb only) : US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros with big and small bag selection
  •  Additional Features : PLU's, Piece Weight Entry, Upper and Lower Count Limits, Accumulation and Preset Tare
  •  Accuracy : Within ±3 divisions at full load
  •  High Performance : 30,000 divisions
  •  Power : AC adapter with rechargeable battery at 20 hours battery life between charges
  •  Construction : Rugged ABS plastic base, stainless steel weight platter

Our Price: US$445.00
Market price: US$489.00 save 9%
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salter-brecknell-304bp-precision-balance (300g to 3000g)
- Affordable and Portable Precision weighing for classroom, Laboratory, and industrial applications. Standard Features 1:30,000 displayed resolution, large high contrast LCD display and digital calibration.

Our Price: US$279.20
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salter-brecknell-b220-counting-scale (15lb, 30lb, 60lb)

The B220 uses patented vibrating beam digital technology for the most accurate weighing possible.


Our Price: US$525.00
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salter-brecknell-b225-counting-scale-with-rs-232-interface (15lb, 30lb, 60lb)

A high quality, high performance, digital counting scale with the added facility of a remote scale connection for increased flexibility. Standard feature updates the calculated piece weight from a larger sample to ensure the highest possible count accuracy.


Our Price: US$755.00
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