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crane-scale-sentronik-se-5200(1 to 5 ton)

crane-scale-sentronik-se-5200(1 to 5 ton)

The Sentronik SE 5200 electronic crane scale is Wireless Transmission measuring unit that combines weighing instrument of XK-3168S, scale, load cell and power supply together. It can be directly hung on the hook of a hoist and ensure the scale to complete the tasks of loading and weighing goods synchronously. The scale body is made of high strength aluminum alloy (XS1) or armor plate structure (XS2). Its structure is compact and safe; measuring data and condition is wireless transmission; the instrument has the function of taring, zero, save wagon No., totalize weight, clearing, division selection, setting and display clock and date, save data at disconnection, printing and extended scoreboard export etc. the system is steady and operation is quite easy.

Delivery 3-6 weeks

Sentronik SE 5200 Crane Scale Data Sheet.pdf

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SKU SE 52000
Our Price: US$2480.00
Product Description Price
SE 5200-1t 1000kg x 0.5kg / 2000lb x 1lb US$2480.00
SE 5200-3t 3000kg x 1kg / 6000lb x 2lb US$2480.00
SE 5200-5t 5000kg x 2kg / 10000lb x 5 lb US$2480.00
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