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Here we present wide gamut of industrial crane scales that are designed and made by the best manufacturers. Stringently checked in several parameters assures that these hanging scales are reliable and gives accurate reading. These cost efficient products are compact in design, light in weight, durable and user friendly. Many of the models have a remote comander to make your weighing needs more quick and easy.


fairbanks legal for trade fork truck scales 5900 series (5k x 5lbs)

Weigh on the go eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing profits through more accurate shipments. Fairbanks’ 5900 Series Fork Truck Scales are compatible with most fork trucks and correct for out-of-level conditions in all directions. These scales also accurately weigh loads at various fork length and width positions, so you can get accurate "legal for trade" readings on uneven floors or with a tilted mast.

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fairbanks non-comercial fork truck scales 5950 series (3klb to 8klb)

Weigh on the go, on almost any lift truck, eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing your profits through more accurate product tracking. Fairbanks’ 5950 Series Fork Truck Scales can withstand the punishing environments found in many industrial settings, from scrap yards to foundries to shipping docks. Steel flexures and rugged construction ensure years of dependable service.

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force measurements Dynamometers sentronik SEN9500P

If you need a dynamometer that requires Power and Strength, then you need the SEN 9500-Power which is adaptable for the most demanding applications. SEN 9500-POWER is built with the best materials and designed with cutting-edge features including a wireless digital controller. This powerful hand held controller provides technology which dramatically improves communication when compared to the single frequency technology.

Our Price: US$1304.00
Market price: US$3520.00 save 63%
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mettler toledo xc economy crane scales (250lb to 5000lb)

The Xpress Economy Crane Scale is a versatile, economic solution for overhead material handling and weighing applications.
Advanced design features such as a super power saving mode, waterproof construction, anti-scrape screen and an easy to read 5 digit LED display ensures a versatile solution for an economic price.

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