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crane scales sentronik

These weighing instruments are characterized by a variety of design in order to adapt to all conditions. From the smallest and lightest scale to the largest industrial capacity, robustness and reliability of these teams have been fully demonstrated. The choice of materials used in the construction of these products is performed taking into account the normal scope and conditions of use in all environments.


dynamometers force measurement sentronik SEN 8500DW

First, the load cell's output signal is digital, Digital compensation and temperature compensation will be finished in internal. Though 2.4G wireless module to launch after reasonable encoding.

Handheld receive load cell output and its internal battery power consumption values then show themon the LCD display, and handheld through the RS232 output to a computer or large-screen display. If necessary, Multi-channel working is a option, One handheld can be connected to up to 16 sensors.

Our Price: US$1680.00
Market price: US$1720.00 save 2%
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force measurements Dynamometers sentronik SEN9500P

If you need a dynamometer that requires Power and Strength, then you need the SEN 9500-Power which is adaptable for the most demanding applications. SEN 9500-POWER is built with the best materials and designed with cutting-edge features including a wireless digital controller. This powerful hand held controller provides technology which dramatically improves communication when compared to the single frequency technology.

Our Price: US$1304.00
Market price: US$3520.00 save 63%
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hanging-scale-sentronik-dr (60 to 600kg)
  • Display LCD with backlight  
  • Key kg/lb  
  • "Hold" button to the weight.  
  • Remote control

Our Price: US$389.00
Market price: US$459.00 save 15%
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hanging-scales-sentronik-cr (20 to 200 lb/kg)

New Sentronik hanging CR Scale Capacities 40 lb / 80 lb / 200 lb / 400 x .1lb 

New Sentronik hanging CR Scale: The Sentronik portable scales are heavy duty hanging weighing balances perfect for industrial weighing applications. Hanging crane Scales are vertical weighing devices that you can easily take with you anywhere, Includes shackle with locking latch and an S-hook for attaching loads. The scale is available in several weight capacities to suit your application needs. The hanging scale offers rugged die-cast metal construction for medium duty weighing requirements.

Included upper and lower stainless steel hooks.

Our Price: US$220.00
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