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crane scales sentronik

These weighing instruments are characterized by a variety of design in order to adapt to all conditions. From the smallest and lightest scale to the largest industrial capacity, robustness and reliability of these teams have been fully demonstrated. The choice of materials used in the construction of these products is performed taking into account the normal scope and conditions of use in all environments.


Sentronik 5500SS Stainless Steel Crane Scale (30 to 80000 kg)

The Sentronik 5500SS Stainless Steel Digital Crane Scale have a solid performance, make it easy to measure suspended loads and features a high-contrast LED display easy to read in any lighting conditions. This crane scale is versatile for hanging applications, is a lightweight, yet sturdy of a digital hanging scale. Comes with a resistent hook and a plate for easy instalation and is lightweigh for easy transportation too. Waterproof and Anti-corrosive enclosure.

Our Price: US$600.00
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wireless-crane-scale-system-sentronik se 8000w

Worldwide licence exempt: 2.4GHz operating frequency
Range Min: not less than100m
Battery working life: Active not less than 70 hours (full charge and turn off bcaklight)

Our Price: US$1680.00
Market price: US$1880.00 save 11%
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