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dillon digital force gauce and software (gs - gtx)

dillon digital force gauce and software (gs - gtx)
The Model GS is a mid-feature force gauge available in a wide assortment of capacities with accuracy of +0.2% of full-scale. Cast aluminum enclosure feels solid. The large, high resolution dot-graphic LCD display is easy to read and full of information including battery charge level and load bar. The GS includes a hook, plate, extension rod, carry case, integral batteries, charger, user’s manual & calibration certifi cate.

The Model GTX has all of the features of the GS above, plus many more that make the small price difference very much worthwhile. These include a battery backed internal database, built-in statistics, date/time, pass/fail, reverse display and backlight. Accuracy is 0.1% of full-scale capacity with an A/D rate of 2000 Hz and circuitry that supports capture of 0.005 second peak events!

Software Q-Graph enables a PC to communicate with Quantrol GS and GTX digital force gauges via the instruments‘ standard RS-232 interface. The PC functions as a virtual chart recorder with the following features:

* Force vs. Time
* Force vs. Displacement
* Start/stop triggers
* Zooming/re-scaling
* Data export to Excel
* Maximum, minimum & average readings
* Real-time plotting
* Shows force profile
* One-button export to Excel
* Start/stop triggers
* Zooming/re-scaling
* 10 Hz data collection
* Ultra-affordable
* One button data export to Excel

Software Q-Data collects, analyzes and manages data from the GS and GTX force gauges. It is designed for comparing similar characteristics, such as maximum force, from a batch of tests. Q-Data also accepts memory dumps from the GTX internal database.

* Requires little set up - only the COM port
* Date/Time of each reading
* General statistics
* Pass/Fail
* One button export to Excel
* Ultra-affordable price

Data Sheet.pdf

Specification.pdf Average rating: 4.4, based on 89 reviews

Market price: US$625.00
Our Price: US$593.00
Product Description Price
DIL GS005 5N 5 x 0.002 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS010 10N 10 x 0.005 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS025 25N 25 x 0.01 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS050 50N 50 x 0.02 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS100 100N 100 x 0.05 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS250 250N 250 x 0.1 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS500 500N 500 x 0.2 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS1K0 1K 1000 x 0.5 (N) US$593.00
DIL GS2K5 2K 2500 x 1 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX005 5N 5 x 0.001 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX010 10N 10 x 0.002 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX025 25N 25 x 0.005 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX050 50N 50 x 0.01 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX100 100N 100 x 0.02 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX250 250N 250 x 0.05 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX500 500N 500 x 0.1 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX1K0 1K 1000 x 0.2 (N) US$593.00
DIL GTX2K5 2K 2500 x 0.5 (N) US$593.00
Q-Data management software on CD-ROM.
Q-Graph live test graphics software on CD-ROM.
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