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dillon dynamometers digital ap ( 500lbf - 20.000lbf / 200kgf - 10.000kgf )

dillon dynamometers digital ap ( 500lbf - 20.000lbf / 200kgf - 10.000kgf )

Originally designed to measure the tension on telephone wires, the Dynamometer has proven to have limitless versatility as a tension and weight measuring instrument. It is used for such diverse jobs as suspended weighing; mounting cables for bridges; adjusting tension on guy wires; field testing chain, rope, wire—anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.

It has proven its value in such diverse jobs as mounting cables for bridges, adjusting tension on guy wires, field testing chain, rope, wire anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.


Accuracy: + 0.5% of capacity
Temperature range: -50° to 140° F (-45° to 60° C)

Ultimate Safety Factor:
See table on cover for minimum USF


Pressure bar -
Aircraft quality E4340 steel or 7075-T651 aluminum

Shackles -
A4140 forged steel (machined from E4340 steel)

Shackle pins -
Machined from E4340 steel

Case housing:
5” models are equipped with high strength composite plastic case. 10” models use cast aluminum enclosure.

Corrosion protection: Pressure bar protected with durable powder coat paint. Shackles and pins are electroless nickel plated. All integral machining and fasteners are produced from noncorrosive materials or have suitable plating.

Zero control: Zero up to 20% of capacity. Zeroed load must be considered as part of ultimate load.

Calibration: Traceable to NIST.

Documentation: Includes User’s Guide and signed calibration card.

Carry case/crate:
Low/Med capacity 5" dial - includes plastic carry case
Low/Med capacity 10" dial - optional steel carry case
All high capacity - includes reinforced plywood crate

Periodic proof loads: Controlled 150% proof loads permitted annually.


More product configurations and options availables upon request; please contact us for details.

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Our Price: US$997.00
Product Description Price
DIL 30784-0033 10'' Diam Dial 50,000lb x 200l 3866.00
DIL 30784-0017 10'' Diam Dial 30,000lb x 200l 3866.00
DIL 30007-0109 10'' Diam Dial 20,000lb x 100l 1425.00
DIL 30007-0083 10'' Diam Dial 10,000lb x 50lb 1306.00
DIL 30007-0059 10'' Diam Dial 5,000lb x 20lb 1216.00
DIL 30007-0034 10'' Diam Dial 2,000lb x 10lb 1163.00
DIL 30007-0026 10'' Diam Dial 1,000lb x 5lb 1163.00
DIL 30006-0100 5'' Diam Dial 20,000lb x 200lb 1249.00
DIL 30006-0092 5'' Diam Dial 15,000lb x 100lb 1277.00
DIL 30006-0084 5'' Diam Dial 10,000lb x 100lb 1111.00
DIL 30006-0076 5'' Diam Dial 8,000lb x 50lb 1121.00
DIL 30006-0050 5'' Diam Dial 5,000lb x 50lb 997.00
DIL 30006-0043 5'' Diam Dial 4,000lb x 25lb 1021.00
DIL 30006-0035 5'' Diam Dial 2,000lb x 20lb 945.00
DIL 30006-0027 5'' Diam Dial 1,000lb x 10lb 945.00
DIL 30006-0019 5'' Diam Dial 500lb x 5lb 997.00
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