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dillon test stands

The stands help control two key variables that can affect testing results.

  • Off axis forces - Stands maintain forces in line with the load cell axis
  • Speed variations - Stands reduce 'force surges' common in handheld testing

Dillon Force testing systems often consist of a stand, force gauge and fixtures/accessories. This flexible approach provides the most cost effective system to match your application.


dillon ct test stands (500n/110lbf/50kgf)

The CT Test Stand is used for compression and tension testing applications up to 50 N/110 lb/50 kg. Includes test stand, handwheel, feet, 10-32 screws (for GS/GTX), and wrench. GL test stand mounting screws are included with gauge.

Our Price: US$399.00
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dillon gts test stands (500n/750n/1000n)
The GTS-1000 is a side mounted control test frame suitable for testing to 1000 N / 220 lbf / 1000 kgf. The digital controls provide more accurate testing speed and more intuitive operation. The stand supports automatically reverse (or stop) by GTX force gauge signal.

Our Price: US$2493.00
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