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Dillon product catalogue contains weigh indicators, dynamometers, crane scales, force measurement, force gauges, force control switches, tension meters and many more. Grew up fast during wartime periods of the XX century. Dillon's manufacturing works were integrated with National Controls Inc. (NCI) a scale manufacturer, a division of Scope Inc. Later, Dillon was acquired by Avery Weigh-Tronix, LLC, but kept the brand name.


dillon fi-80 force indicator family (lcd, led)
The Dillon FI-80 Indicator family is perfect when looking for affordability, display choices and rechargeable battery options in an indicator. Ideal for manufacturing, labs, outdoor, field use and more.

Our Price: US$470.00
Market price: US$525.00 save 10%
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dillon gl digital force gauce (10n to 500n)
The Dillon GL Force Gauges measure both compression and tension, weight and force. Includes many features not found in a gauge at this price. Rugged metal die cast enclosure, backlit LCD display and serial output. Powered by the internal rechargeable battery or directly by its 120 VAC charger. Displays Newton, pound-force and kilogram-force units of measure at 2000 division resolution. Choose from six capacities.

Our Price: US$375.00
Market price: US$435.00 save 14%
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dillon gts test stands (500n/750n/1000n)
The GTS-1000 is a side mounted control test frame suitable for testing to 1000 N / 220 lbf / 1000 kgf. The digital controls provide more accurate testing speed and more intuitive operation. The stand supports automatically reverse (or stop) by GTX force gauge signal.

Our Price: US$2493.00
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dillon model z tension - compression load cell (25lb to 1000lb)
Lighter capacity Z-cells can be fitted for either tension or compression measurement. They have capacities from 25 pounds to 1,000 pounds with kg equivalents. They include an Ampnenol 14-S side mount connector for easy installation.

Our Price: US$915.00
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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