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Dillon product catalogue contains weigh indicators, dynamometers, crane scales, force measurement, force gauges, force control switches, tension meters and many more. Grew up fast during wartime periods of the XX century. Dillon's manufacturing works were integrated with National Controls Inc. (NCI) a scale manufacturer, a division of Scope Inc. Later, Dillon was acquired by Avery Weigh-Tronix, LLC, but kept the brand name.


dillon digital force gauce and software (gs - gtx)
Model GS - Model GTX Digital Force Gauges

Q Data - Q GraphSoftware

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Market price: US$625.00 save 5%
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dillon ct test stands (500n/110lbf/50kgf)

The CT Test Stand is used for compression and tension testing applications up to 50 N/110 lb/50 kg. Includes test stand, handwheel, feet, 10-32 screws (for GS/GTX), and wrench. GL test stand mounting screws are included with gauge.

Our Price: US$399.00
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Dillon CP-130 Thermal Printer

Small footprint thermal printer with serial connection, it can be used commonly in: In-Vehicle Printer, Emergency Services, Field Service, Logistics, Testing and Measurements, Retail, Facilities Management, Agriculture, Recycling, Waste Management, Law Enforcement, Cranes, Data Collection, Receipts, Product Labelling & Hospitals.

Our Price: US$360.00
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dillon cgs cranegard (2500lb to 20000lb)

Cranegard force control switches provide crane overload protection and slackline detection.

Installs by clamping to cables. No need to cut the cable. Use for slack line detection. Protect against overloads to wire rope on hoists, elevators and cranes.


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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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