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doran 2200 digital bench scale (0.9 to 91 kg)

doran 2200 digital bench scale (0.9 to 91 kg)

Full Function Keypad
The Model 2200 digital bench scale puts you in complete control of the advanced functions with its intuitive keypad. The easy to use full function keypad allows for simple entry of digital tare, time and date, accumulator, eight product ID's, eight setpoint outpoints and eight grade values. Simply enter the desired value, press one of the clearly labeled function keys and the data is entered, putting the power of Doran's 2200 at your fingertips. An optional barcode reader is available to enter data even faster and more accurately.

Powerful Software Features
Versatile and easy to use, the Model 2200 gives you the power to make the weighing system an integral component of your day to day operation. Standard software features such as programmable data communication, product grading, peak hold, multiple ID numbers, accumulator, and counter, give you the power to effectively manage and monitor your manufacturing process.

Advanced Communications and Control
Connect, control, and communicate to any device or computer with the two standard RS-232 ports, eight standard outputs, two standard inputs, or a wide range of communication options. Connect with our wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, USB, 4-20mA, RS-485 or Fiber Optic options. Control your process with our optional relays that can be mounted inside the enclosure to provide a turnkey solution. Communicate with the flexible and user definable data strings to include tare, product ID and time and date. Send your custom data to a barcode label printer or download it directly to an Excel spreadsheet using Doran’s optional Excelerator Data Collection Program.

Washdown Safe
Superior washdown protection has been engineered into the Model 2200 Advanced Weight Indicator. From the heavy gauge stainless steel to the innovative gasket design, the 2200 meets the NEMA4X and IP69K classification for washdown protection.

1000% Overload Base
No...that's not a typo! Our unique "Quad-Spring" design protects the sensitive load cell from shock and overload damage. Protected to a maximum of 10 times the base load rating sets the new industry standard - a feature only available from Doran.Take a "peek under the hood" to see what's inside our DXL scale base.

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Product Description Price
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DOR 22050SP/15 22.7 x 2g US$1125.00
DOR 22200SP/15 45 x 5g US$1125.00
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