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double ended beam

Double ended beam load cells are designed for center mounting and double link loading. This makes the load cell ideal for track scales and truck scales. Most of these load cells are NTEP certified as legal for trade and is suitable for use in legal-for-trade Weighbridge truck scales.


sensortronics-65040s-double-ended-beam-stainless-steel (25,000 to 125,000lb)

This model is an upgraded version of the Vishay Sensortronics 65040A, and is offered in stainless steel, with welded sealing and is NTEP approved. The center-supported double-ended beam design is compatible with Unilink/Translink mounts. The full stainless, welded seal upgrade makes this model ideal for applications where harsh chemicals and washdown conditions exist. This model is available in capacities ranging from 25,000 to 200,000 lb (11,339.8 to 90,718.5 kg), and is provided with a standard 35' (10.6m) cable.

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rt 9803 doble ended stainless steel (50k - 65k)
The 9803 is a Double Ended Beam type load cell.
A reliable sealing and mechanical protection of the strain gauge area is ensured by the use of potting compound with a metal cover.

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stainless steel hermetically sealed IP68 double ended beam load cell sentronik 7160WSS 10K lb - 100K lb

Sentronik 7160WSS Double Ended Beam is a mid to high capacity load cell. This product is designed for use in certified truck and rail scales and is available in capacities ranging from 10K to 100Klbs. This load cell is rated intrinsically safe by the Factory Mutual System (FM); making it suitable for use in potentially explosive environment. This load cell is certified for legal for trade applications by both American NTEP and International OIML standards.

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artech ss70210 stainless steel double ended shear beam (5k to 250k lb)
Model SS70210, a double ended shear beam, is ideal for low profile pitless truck scales and tank & track scales. Stainless Steel construction for high corrosive applications. The gage areas are environmentally protected with a thick, double water resistant seal and stainless steel plate. The load cells are supplied with an integral 30 feet cable

Our Price: US$750.00
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