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The aim of Epson in the field of printers is to deliver powerful yet easy-to-use printers that delight their global customers. Leveraging Epson's core Micro Piezo technology to serve the home and business markets, capture business in the commercial and industrial digital printing sectors, develop products that meet the needs of customers in emerging economies, and introduce innovative business models.


epson tm-u200 printers
• Issue receipts fast thanks to bi-directional printing.
• Gives 3.5 LPS for 40 columns or 6.4 LPS for 16 columns.
• Replace paper quickly and easily at paper end with the drop-in roll-paper loading system.
• For the broadest selection of applications, use the TM-U200 in combination with an EPSON intelligent Module. You can also choose the printer with 2-color printing (red and black) for further applications.

Our Price: US$700.00
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epson tm-u295 printers
• Smallest 7 Pin Impact Slip Printer
• Paper Size from 3.15" x 3.15" to 7.16" x10.12"
• RS-232C Interface

Our Price: US$800.00
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