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fairbanks floor scale

These weighing instruments are composed of a bridge of heavy non-slip ribbed steel plate, weighing four load cells and a management terminal. There are additional components such as ramp access, floor plates, a special cable length, and many others.


fairbanks low profile drum scale 2512 series (1000lb)

Compact low profile floor scales ideal for drum weighing applications. Mild and stainless steel models and a low 1.5 inch height make these scales the best choice for drum filling, checkweighing or general weighing in chemical processing applications. A wheel kit accessory allows these scales to work for you at any location within your facility.

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fairbanks reliant 3300 series floor scales (2500lb, 5000lb)

The Reliant Floor Scale is Fairbanks’ newest addition to its aboveground Floor Scale product line. With durable Type A36 carbon steel construction and Fairbanks’ state-of-the-art, weighbridge technology, this scale is made to provide years of uninterrupted, accurate performance.

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