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Fairbanks manufactures weighing equipment distributed by representatives around the world. Faibanks continues to developing systems for weighing, setting the new technology in measurement equipment like balances, scales and indicators to satisfy the needs of our customers.


fairbanks low profile drum scale 2512 series (1000lb)

Compact low profile floor scales ideal for drum weighing applications. Mild and stainless steel models and a low 1.5 inch height make these scales the best choice for drum filling, checkweighing or general weighing in chemical processing applications. A wheel kit accessory allows these scales to work for you at any location within your facility.

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fairbanks mild steel series 7 bases (200lb, 1000lb)

Series 7 Mild Steel Bench Scales.

The Series 7 has long been the industry standard for bench scale dependability. Its unique design, featuring built-in protection against overload, shock load and frame twist, protects your investment from the rigors found in high-volume processing applications.

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fairbanks model 186 form printer

This fast, easy-to-use form printer is designed specifically for form style reports or tractor-fed reports. When used with an appropriate instrument, the 186 Printer will provide either one or two tickets for IN/OUT weighing operations.

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fairbanks non-comercial fork truck scales 5950 series (3klb to 8klb)

Weigh on the go, on almost any lift truck, eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing your profits through more accurate product tracking. Fairbanks’ 5950 Series Fork Truck Scales can withstand the punishing environments found in many industrial settings, from scrap yards to foundries to shipping docks. Steel flexures and rugged construction ensure years of dependable service.

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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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