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Since its inception, This load cell manufacturer has built upon its reputation for product quality, technical innovation and close customer relationships, to become a leader in the load cell and force sensor industry.

Flintec continues to invest heavily in manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, staff training and R&D, to ensure that a diverse client base, from medical device manufacturers to factory automation providers is provided with the best weight and force measurement solutions. Is the chosen provider for strain gage solutions, gaging services, load cells, force sensors and electronics.

flintec load cells
flintec load cells
flintec weight module
flintec weight module


flintec ub6 s-beam, stainless steel (225 to 1125lb / 102.1 to 510.3kg)
Type UB6 is a stainless steel universal load cell which allows for tension and compression loading. Its complete hermetic sealing makes it suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

Our Price: US$470.00
Market price: US$495.00 save 5%
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