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These floor scales are ideal for the applications of such concentrated loads as recipients, wheelbarrows and hoist. They are designed to support the conditions common of the office centers, the chemical processes, the pharmaceutical processes, nutritious processes and other industrial atmospheres. Our family of floor scales includes a variety of sizes, capacities, materials and accessories that can be combined to fulfill its specific needs.


Kilotech KPL Platform Scales with KIN Indicators Series (6 to 600 kg)

The flexibility of the Top Gun series allows you to select the KIN indicator suitable for your job,  (ABS or IP67 Stainless Steel). Durable and multifunctional, these bench and platform scales are the preferred option for restaurant and Industrial applications. With a heavy-duty stainless steel platter, mild steel frame and subframe, they ensure the reliability and precision needed to perform various demanding food weighing and industrial applications. Designed to provide accurate readings during weighing applications with a built in level indicator and lockable adjustable rubber leveling feet. An excellent choice for use in a dry environment and areas with average humidity.

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fairbanks reliant 3300 series floor scales (2500lb, 5000lb)

The Reliant Floor Scale is Fairbanks’ newest addition to its aboveground Floor Scale product line. With durable Type A36 carbon steel construction and Fairbanks’ state-of-the-art, weighbridge technology, this scale is made to provide years of uninterrupted, accurate performance.

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fairbanks non-comercial fork truck scales 5950 series (3klb to 8klb)

Weigh on the go, on almost any lift truck, eliminating wasted time and effort and increasing your profits through more accurate product tracking. Fairbanks’ 5950 Series Fork Truck Scales can withstand the punishing environments found in many industrial settings, from scrap yards to foundries to shipping docks. Steel flexures and rugged construction ensure years of dependable service.

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fairbanks aegis lift deck (1000lb to 10000lb)

Aegis Lift Deck Floor Scales are designed for use in high volume food and chemical processing applications where product safety is critical. These are industrial scales and will provide years of reliable service in the harshest environments. Developed using principles of Sanitary Design, the Aegis Lift Deck is the ultimate floor scale for easy maintenance and food safety.

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