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These floor scales are ideal for the applications of such concentrated loads as recipients, wheelbarrows and hoist. They are designed to support the conditions common of the office centers, the chemical processes, the pharmaceutical processes, nutritious processes and other industrial atmospheres. Our family of floor scales includes a variety of sizes, capacities, materials and accessories that can be combined to fulfill its specific needs.


fairbanks aegis heavy capacity series floor scale (20000lb)

Heavy duty floor scales specifically designed for weighing large loads in nearly any environment. With a capacity of 20,000 pounds, these tough floor scales can handle the "big jobs" with ease. The Aegis Heavy Capacity Intalogix® also offers the enhanced resolution and diagnostic capabilities of Fairbanks' exclusive Intalogix Technology.

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doran pfs portable floor scales (250 to 1000 lb)

Customize this portable floor scale with your choice of seven different digital weight indicators. The sturdy, welded tube mild steel frame of the base is designed to withstand the use and abuse of extreme industrial applications.

Our Price: US$4825.00
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digiweigh dwp-5000f floor scales (5000lb)
This is a NTEP approved(Legal for Trade) professional weighing product for industrial or shipping use.

Our Price: US$988.00
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digiweigh dw-5500f / 11kf / 10kf / 11k4x8 floor scales (5500lb to 11000lb)
This is a professional scale for industrial or shipping use.

Our Price: US$1350.00
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