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Floor scales , In the weighing systems; is a valuable tool for various applications such as; weighing packages, weighing to the area of medicine, industrial weighing, weighing food, weighing substances, among others.

Floor scales is equipped with a design based on the shape horizontally, your denomination floor , is due to the fact that the weighing system is designed in the form of platform, with a set of load cells that can transform the force exerted on the platform in a value called reading, which expresses a weight (g, kg, lb, etc). The floor scales have indicators, which consist of an integrated device to the floor scales, usually occurs in the form of screen, there are various types and models, tend to be very configurable, this depends on the supplier of your choice. ScaleMarket tea provides the best floor scales.

Floor scales: you can get a series of software, which can be adapted to various requirements, ranging from simple presentation of the value of the weight of the object or body, to processes such as; pc connectivity and usb, automation, issuance of tickets, screens remotely including customizing tasks in your floor scales.

What type of floor scales buy? As in all purchases, it is important to always consider, price, quality and use, this premise does not escape when it comes to choosing your floor scales, which will be an instrument that will help you to reach your goals and business projects. The floor scales, are part of your company, your job, for this reason, we believe in you, to give you the best advice at the time of purchase:

The floor scales, come in various models including:

floor scales for packages, are very useful for companies that require weigh packages, bags, packages of goods constantly, generally have programmable indicators and easy to read

floor scales for general use; ideal for industrial processes, its design is very adaptable to different environments and requirements.

If you are looking for floor scales for food or processes that require high levels of cleanliness, there are in the market floor scales, with functions of cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting of the platform, where its design is based on the protection of the internal system of the platform, protecting the load cells and/or sensors of the water, substances and moisture.

Floor scales portable; its design and weight are ideal for the transport to different locations and applications which, by their nature, need to be transported to various locations, usually are easy to install, and have wheels or handles.

Floor scales barrel type:  they are characterized by their low profile, materials resistant, even allows the use of ramps in many models on the market. Used in the transport of drums, barrels and various containers.

Floor scales, bending; they have a system of high-tech electro-mechanical, it is the most recommended for weighing of bodies in environment where there are forces constantly, have a very careful calibration and tend to be very reliable in demanding weighing processes.

In any floor scale, should consider, materials, the resistance, the size of the platform, capacity, calibration, the indicators and software if fits your needs.

Floor scales them constitute an instrument that is very effective in your projects, we hope that our advice will be help so that you make the correct decision.


fairbanks aegis lift deck (1000lb to 10000lb)

Aegis Lift Deck Floor Scales are designed for use in high volume food and chemical processing applications where product safety is critical. These are industrial scales and will provide years of reliable service in the harshest environments. Developed using principles of Sanitary Design, the Aegis Lift Deck is the ultimate floor scale for easy maintenance and food safety.

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floor-scale-stainless-steel-washdown-sentronik-43-44-7500 (2500kg )

• All stainless steel construction
• SS load cell
• SS feet
• SS weigh indicator

Our Price: US$2795.00
Market price: US$3214.00 save 13%
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floor-scale-with-indicator-se-7000-sentronik-44-5 (2500 to 5000kg)
  • Scale Size: 4’ (D) x 4’ (W) x 3.5” (H)
  • Weighing Modes kg, lb
  • Platform Material: 0.25” deck plate.
  • Power: 120VAC 60hz.
  • Tare function covers unit’s full capacity range.
  • 15’ cable for indicator.
  • Optional Ramp available.

Our Price: US$1098.00
Market price: US$1298.00 save 15%
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mettler toledo xfs floor scales (2500lb a 10000lb)

The Xpress Standard Floor Scale is a fully electronic, portable low profile floorscale / indicator package, ideal for freight consolidators, forwarders, small processing plants, resellers, shipping and receiving departments as well as startup businesses.

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