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Hanging scale as their name implies, are a model of scale whose design is to use the power of resistance and tension, which apply the hooks or dishes when you have a specific object to be measured. The hanging scales also have an indicator able to express the weight of the objects in question, by making use of LED or LCD screens.

ScaleMarket has hanging scales digital or mechanical, both with high level of accuracy when throwing the weight of the objects, with margins of insignificant errors. However each of these variants in terms of hanging scale concerned are made with specific characteristics, so it is suggested its implementation in specific applications. Hanging mechanical scales, are designed for small businesses, because they require a much greater operational effort level, and the indicator that has this type of hanging scale is a needle; Unlike the hanging scale digital, have become much faster computers, so are defendants in activities or processes of greater agility.

Another feature of the hanging scales is its usefulness to businesses or companies with little space, to differences in other systems of this type of scale, the hanging scale weighing, does not require a mounting space, your design is to be hung or suspended from any basis, as the roof of the local or company.

The hanging scales, offered in ScaleMarket.com have hooks or dishes, always in favor of meet each need, complying with exact measurement functions, and which in addition are fast, optimizing the time and productivity of each activity. The hanging scales are usually portable, another feature which many clients decide to choose it.

The adaptability of the hanging scales, is targeted for environments both interior and exterior, designed to withstand different conditions of the industrial environment, which prevails in its stainless steel manufacture.


salter brecknell 235-6M 11lb / 220lb hanging scale

Compact, robust and corrosion resistant, housed in a tough ABS plastic case with shatterproof polycarbonate dial cover. Low friction acetal bearings provide positive movement to give maximum sensitivity. Accurate to one part in 250 with up to 15% zero adjust. Supplied with top and bottom hooks. Dual Marked in both lb/oz and kg/g.

Robust and Reliable
Accurate and easy to read
Corrosion Resistant

Our Price: US$66.00
Market price: US$70.00 save 6%
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salter brecknell-235-series-6s-6x-10x-electronic-mechanical-hanging-scales (11lb to 220lb)

Heavy duty suspended scale. Easy to read dial housed in a robust die cast casing. Low friction bearings provides positive movement to give maximum sensitivity. Accurate to one part in 500 with up to 10% zero adjustment. Supplied with top and bottom hooks as standard.

Our Price: US$112.00
Market price: US$375.00 save 70%
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salter-electrosamson-hanging-electronic (22lb, 55lb, 99lb)

>Hand-held or Suspended
>Battery Powered
>Tare & Hold Facility
>Easy Viewing - With angled display

Our Price: US$105.00
Market price: US$135.00 save 22%
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