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hanging scales

These weighing device cover almost all ranges of weight (20 g - 10 t). These weighing instrument have a overload protection mechanism. With these weighing scales you will be able to weight from small pieces to big containers or sacks.

If you want use them in your free time, you will be able to weigh the captured fishing or the bicycles with a good visualization. On the other hand, these weighing scales with weighing ranges up to 10 t are used fundamentally in the industry or in the trade.


chatillon marcy pulp density scale (no container)

Greater Sensitivity: Circular dial is equivalent to a 47 beam balance for greater sensitivity. Solid Construction: Entire unit is supported by a top ring. Scale is accurately set at the factory. Accuracy: Cylindrical containers.

Our Price: US$450.00
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Sentronik crane scales are versatile, economic solutions for overhead material handling and weighing applications.

Our Price: US$595.00
Market price: US$630.00 save 6%
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force measurements Dynamometers sentronik SEN9500P

If you need a dynamometer that requires Power and Strength, then you need the SEN 9500-Power which is adaptable for the most demanding applications. SEN 9500-POWER is built with the best materials and designed with cutting-edge features including a wireless digital controller. This powerful hand held controller provides technology which dramatically improves communication when compared to the single frequency technology.

Our Price: US$1304.00
Market price: US$3520.00 save 63%
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Rice lake MS200 & MS202 Portable & Permanent Monorail

This Scale Monorail Rice Lake MS200 and MS202, is a type of portable and permanent scale whose load is made in galvanized steel and stainless steel cell. The Scale Monorail Rice Lake MS200 and MS202 is characterized by its high precision even though it is a quite flexible tool due to its installation over the track, which must be previously embedded for execution of the stable measurements in its different applications, whether for trucks or similar. Scale Monorail Rice Lake MS200 and MS202, its design includes the reduction of errors in the readings. Our Scale Monorail Rice Lake MS200 and MS202, has an average size of 8 "with capacity of 750 

Our Price: US$1610.00
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