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hanging scales

These weighing device cover almost all ranges of weight (20 g - 10 t). These weighing instrument have a overload protection mechanism. With these weighing scales you will be able to weight from small pieces to big containers or sacks.

If you want use them in your free time, you will be able to weigh the captured fishing or the bicycles with a good visualization. On the other hand, these weighing scales with weighing ranges up to 10 t are used fundamentally in the industry or in the trade.


salter brecknell-235-series-6s-6x-10x-electronic-mechanical-hanging-scales (11lb to 220lb)

Heavy duty suspended scale. Easy to read dial housed in a robust die cast casing. Low friction bearings provides positive movement to give maximum sensitivity. Accurate to one part in 500 with up to 10% zero adjustment. Supplied with top and bottom hooks as standard.

Our Price: US$99.00
Market price: US$375.00 save 74%
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salter-electrosamson-hanging-electronic (22lb, 55lb, 99lb)

>Hand-held or Suspended
>Battery Powered
>Tare & Hold Facility
>Easy Viewing - With angled display

Our Price: US$105.00
Market price: US$135.00 save 22%
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chatillon century serie hanging scale 7-inch (20lb, 40lb)

The CHATILLON Century Series hanging scales are designed for long-lasting reliability at an affordable price. Century scales feature a steel inner frame and tough, corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing. Glass-covered 7-inch dials come in single (reads clockwise) or double dial.

Our Price: US$190.00
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chatillon bd series hanging scale bulk (200lb, 400lb)

These rugged, all-metal scales are designed for bulk weighing applications. Ideal for farms, ranches, industrial plants and warehouses. They feature a tough cast-iron housing and runner with 7-inch (17.8 cm) anodized aluminum dial. Dial reaches full capacity in one revolution. Precision steel springs are factory calibrated using certified weights.

Our Price: US$225.00
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