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Hardware & Accessories for load cells and scale. These products are convenient for the weighing tasks, when you need the best performance of your equipment to fulfill the development of your organization.



The Sentronik foot retainer keeps the load cell resting on platform or any metal surface. These foot retainers mate with most load cell leveling feet to prevent scales from moving or changing position. Choose between Mild Steel or Stainless Steel for industrial or washdown environments. Simply locate the retainer and lag it into the floor structure to anchor the scale into position.

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The installation of compression load cells under a weigh bridge, tank or other structure normally requires the use of mounting plate. These mounting plate distributes the load over the foundation or supporting structure and provides a prepared surface for the load cell. Mounting plates are suitables for compression load cells only; they will not properly support a universal load cell used in tension. This mounting plate is 3" x 4" x 5/8" thick with 2 drilled and tapped 1/2-13UNC thread having 1" spacing center to center.

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Market price: US$18.42 save 23%
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Sentronik stainless steel adjustable feet.  Are commonly used in floor scales, platform scales and many electronic weighing equipment. These feet are easy to install, and can be adjusted to the desired height. Heat treated and electropolished. Rubber insert is bonded into a recess at the bottom of the foot. This prevents the foot from sliding on the floor. 60 deg swivel and 360 deg rotation.

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Sentronik Jam Nut made in forge steel, galvanized (zinc coating). A jam nut is a low profile type of nut, typically half as tall as a standard nut. It is commonly used as a type of locknut, where it is "jammed" up against a standard nut to lock the two in place. It is also used in situations where a standard nut would not fit.

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