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hbm "s" beam

These load cells derive their name from its shape of S. They can provide an output in accordance with the tension orcompression and offers superior side load rejection.The maximum load capacities ranging from 11 kg to 18,200 kg.


hbm rsc "s" type beam stainless steel (100lb to 5000lb)


The RSCB is the new generation in “S” type cells. Designed for both single- and multiple-cell applications and built of stainless steel, the RSC is a superior choice for new or conversion applications. NTEP-certified. Capacities from 200 to 5000kg. Load cell cable 25' (7.6m). Hermetically selled.

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hbm s35 "s" type stainless steel (50lb to 20klb)
The S35, Universal "S" cell is constructed in stainless steel and offer dimensional and electrical intercangeability with several load cell manufacturers. Capacities from 100 to 20,000lbs. Each cell comes with 20' of load cell cable.

Our Price: US$261.00
Market price: US$275.00 save 5%
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