The HBM's catalog covers strain gages, sensors,  amplifiers, transducers, and assemblage weighing systems and also includes software for  tests and investigations. HBM brings innovation aid to the test and measurement, virtual and physical.


hbm sp4 single point aluminum (1k to 200kg)

Retail scales, Small platforms, Checkweighers


· Aluminium construction, also available in stainless steel
· Environmentally sealed
· Moment compensated
· 2 mV/V output, 350 ohm bridge


Our Price: US$171.00
Market price: US$180.00 save 5%
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hbm sp10 single point aluminum, ip65 (90kg)
The SP10 is a popular aluminum single point design that has been used in bench, platform, postal, and price-computing scales for years. Design advantages include low sensitivity to side loading and built-in overload stops to protect this component from accidental operator abuse.

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Market price: US$155.00 save 5%
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hbm slb700 strain transducer for measuring high forces

Key Feature(s)

* For monitoring strain in statically and dynamically loaded units such as cranes, presses and roll stands
* Simply bolted into place
* Stainless steel
* Protected from harmful environmental effects
* Inexpensive
* Strain gauge full bridge

Our Price: US$1272.00
Market price: US$1339.00 save 5%
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hbm sc232/422b interface converter set
The new SC232/422B Interface converter set enables multi-channel bus systems to be set up easily via the RS232 standard interface integrated in standard PCs. A 4-wire RS422/485 bus system can be built up. This converter differs from standard converters especially in terms of its robust design in a metal housing, its excellent EMC and the electrically isolated signals. The set is supplied complete with a standard PC connecting cable (9-pin) and a plug-in power supply. An LED signals readiness for operation. For setting up multi-channel bus systems, we recommend to use HBM’s AED…, WE2110 and WE2108-485 Weighing electronics and the digital load cells provided by HBM which include an RS485 4-wire interface.

Our Price: US$368.00
Market price: US$387.00 save 5%
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