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hbm pw15 single point, stainless steel (10kg to 150kg)
A new stainless steel, single point load cell from HBM. With capacities from 10 to 100 kg (22.1 to 220.5 lb), this load cell is OMIL R60 and R76 approved. The PW15 is ideal for platform, hanging scale, and other low-capacity beam applications. Complete with 3.1 m/10' of load cell cable.

Our Price: US$280.00
Market price: US$295.00 save 5%
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hbm pw15ah single point , stainless steel (10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg)

HBM has introduced its model PW15AH, a single point load cell that offers IP69K, the highest degree of protection possible, and is also suited for use with high-pressure cleaners.

Our Price: US$660.00
Market price: US$695.00 save 5%
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hbm pw16 single point aluminum (30k to 660kg)
* Capacity range from 30 kg to 660 kg
* Off center load compensated
* Low profile, high capacity
* Protection class IP67
* 6 wire connection with sense leads

Our Price: US$237.00
Market price: US$250.00 save 5%
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hbm pw2 single point aluminum, ip65 (7.2 to 72kg)
Popular with several large OEM scale manufacturers worldwide, the HBM PW2 is available from Rice Lake Weighing Systems for either new applications or for quick delivery of replacement parts.

Our Price: US$185.00
Market price: US$195.00 save 5%
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