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health o meter medical scales

Offering many innovative solutions that empower consumers to manage their personal wellness and lead active, healthy lifestyles. Accuracy, precision, measurement and monitoring provide the foundation for our expanding product portfolio and consumer programs. By leveraging the strength, heritage and expertise of our quality brand.


health o meter 1522kl pediatric balance beam with tray
The Health o Meter 1522KL mechanical pediatric scale provides precision accuracy and ensures child safety. Durable steel base and easy to clean tray guarantee long lasting results.

Our Price: US$345.00
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health o meter 1524kl pediatric balance with seat

The Health o Meter 1524KL features a unique child seat design provides improved safety and comfort. Reduces infant movement for maximum weighing accuracy.


Our Price: US$447.00
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health o meter 160kl medical big foot dial scale
The Health-O-Meter® Model 160KL is a heavy duty 400 pound/180 kg capacity mechanical floor scale from one of the world's leading manufacturers of personal and professional scales.

Our Price: US$172.00
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health o meter 2000kl pro plus digital stretcher scale
The Health o Meter 2000KL is designed to provide accurate, reliable and repeatable weight measurements and features that make the weighing process simple, fast and convenient. The scale is set up to use motion-sensing weighing technology, to determine the actual weight of a moving patient. The weight can be displayed in pounds (decimals, fractions of a lb or lb/oz) or in kilograms. The scale features a folding stretcher for easy mobility and a display assembly stand. The unit can be operated using its AC adapter or by 6-D cell batteries (not included).

Our Price: US$4052.00
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