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junction boxes sentronik

Load cells junction boxes for scales: The scale junction box is a container for wiring the load cells connections, usually intended to conceal them from sight and meter tampering. A small metallic or plastic junction box may form part of an electronic conduit wiring system in the weighing scale body; inside the box includes an electronic circuit board with terminals for joining the load cells wires and cables.

Load cell Juction Box requirements: The junction box is an essential part of the scale system and should be protected to at least IP65 or NEMA 4. Select the location of the junction box based on the environmental conditions; not on the ease of installation. During the load cells installation ensure that no moisture enters the load cell cable before and during installation. A bag of drying agent (silica gel) may been closed to absorb moisture. However, the drying agent should never make contact with any non insulated wiring in the box. Use load sensor junction boxes with high quality terminals or use solder connections. The components used for corner correction should be absolutely temperature stable.

Scale Juction box weighing applications: Major applications of load cells in weighing scales and the construction of the scales, hoppers, silos, tanks and weight. To join the load cells cables and wiring used in heavy duty truck scales and the scales of the train.

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