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kilotech electronic bench scales

These scales feature a configuration where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator via a cord 5 feet or more in length or via a pole. The weighing capacities range can be from 6 lb to 2000 lbs. Some models feature a stainless steel platform, others can feature alloy steel. Some models are washdown scales perfect for the restaurant marketplace.


Kilotech KPS Series Bench Scales (55 to 400lb)

The KPS parcel/bench scales are heavy-duty, general purpose and are suitable for light industrial or shipping applications. The easy to read indicator is connected to the base by an 8' coiled cord that allows convenient remote placement. Large removable stainless steel platform allows for easy clean up. A keypad toggle allows easy kg/lb. selection.

Our Price: US$285.00
Market price: US$300.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KPS-80 Portable Electronic Bech Scale (80 kg)

The Portable KPS 80 is designed specifically to allow for easy transport from one area to another.  This heavy duty scale includes a soft portable carrying case designed to fit the scale and Indicator.  The durable green rubber mat ensures anti-slipping. Guaranteeing accuracy and durability, it is ideal for those who require a sturdy scale that can easily be transported in the back of a truck or car.  Perfect for any scenario where the scale has to be carried from place to place.  At 80 kg/ 176 lb capacity, this compact portable scale packs a punch with its durable mild steel frame and platter.

Our Price: US$266.00
Market price: US$280.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KRS SWP POS Interface Scale (6 to 12 lb)

Ideal for the retail food industry

This medium-duty POS Interface scale has a small footprint and is ideal for the retail food industry particularly for frozen yogurt and ice cream retailers. Also a good fit for restaurants, cafeterias, food markets and other retailers looking for a POS scale with a small footprint. The KRS-SWP scale is configurable with all major electronic cash registers systems and POS systems and it is legal for trade.

Our Price: US$370.00
Market price: US$390.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KSB Series Electronic Bench Scale (4 to 10kg)

The KSB is an all purpose weighing scale with a wide range of applications, from shipping and receiving, quality control, food preparation and excellent for laboratory use. Its’ large stainless steel platform makes it perfect to handle a wide variety of package sizes while its’ 1g graduation makes it ideal for your required precision. The single direction RS-232 allows you to connect to peripheral devices and the rechargeable battery gives you the mobility sometimes necessary.

Our Price: US$294.00
Market price: US$310.00 save 5%
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