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kilotech price computing scales

Whether you are a retailer, farmer, or run a deli, these weighing instruments will calculate the price of the product you are selling based on its weight.  You no longer have to guess what a product costs, because these scales will give you accurate prices on products such as fruits, vegetables, candy, or bakery goods.  The scales listed below are all Legal for Trade and NTEP approved [National Type Evaluation Program].


Kilotech KRS1000RS Price Computing Scales (15 to 30 lb)

Legal for trade price computing scale. A must for any business that sells product by the weight. Ideal for delicatessens, supermarkets, candy shops, movie theaters, coffee shops and seasonal markets. Time saving kg/lb. conversion key. Removable stainless steel platform allows for quick clean ups. Bright, easy to read dual LED display ensures visual accuracy for both the operator and the customer.

Our Price: US$446.00
Market price: US$470.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KRS3000 Series (30 to 60 lb)

The KRS 3000 was designed with the retail professional in mind

It is economical, durable, user-friendly and incorporates all of the essential features and so much more. This retail scale is as intuitive to set up as it is to use, simplifying both management and employees tasks. A centralized management communication hub allows you to set up or make changes to your scale(s) to ensure consistency amongst terminals as well as centrally collect data for reporting. Customized reporting features provide you with all the information you require to make your business decisions.

Our Price: US$1729.00
Market price: US$1820.00 save 5%
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