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Kilotech is a very important manufacturer and distributor of quality measurement and weighing products. Kilotech develops a wide variety of scales to satisfy the demand of the weighing market of today. Kilotech also carries another great queality brands such as Tanita and CAS (Canada only).


kilotech bk series baker's mechanical scale (8kg, 16lb)
A baker's beam balance scale designed for professional use. Ideal for bakeries, pastry shops, restaurants, candy shops, and other food preparation applications. Optional heavy duty scoop with counterweight is available. Available in metric or avoirdupois measurements. Simple to operate and designed with minimal moving parts to ensure years of maintenance free use.

Our Price: US$418.00
Market price: US$440.00 save 5%
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kilotech kam series stainless steel rotating dial scale (1 to 2kg)
Economical, high precision stainless steel dial scale with a rotating tare dial. Ideal for restaurants, hospitals, kitchen or anywhere controlled portioning is required. Convenient, dual metric and avoirdupois measurements.

Our Price: US$58.00
Market price: US$60.00 save 3%
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kilotech kam-pl fixed dial (1 to 90kg)
* Rugged body construction with low noise mechanism
* Flat stainless steel platter

Our Price: US$123.00
Market price: US$130.00 save 5%
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kilotech kbi-64 tabletop bar inventory dial scale (64 fl oz.)
The Kilotech Bar Inventory Scale provides a fast, accurate and virtually calculation free inventory of your distilled spirits, cordials and liqueurs. The most accurate method of inventory control in any bar is to determine the total number of fluid ounces in stock.While it is easy to calculate the ounces in full bottles, it is difficult to determine what exactly remains in open bottles to keep precise inventory.

Our Price: US$275.00
Market price: US$290.00 save 5%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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