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load cell accesories sentronik

Hardware & Accessories for load cells and scales. These products are convenient for the weighing tasks, when you need the best performance of your equipment to fulfill the development of your organization.



This Sentronik mounting assembly is for use with any brand shear beam load cell in the market. For any tank, vessel or hopper holded by foot over the floor. Zinc plated steel and stainless steel construction available. For use with the following load cells: 7140, SQB, B35, H35, BLC, RL30000, RL39123, RL35023, RL35083, 65023, 5123, 9123, 3411, 30310, SS30310, VLC-100, SBS.

Our Price: US$258.00
Market price: US$598.00 save 57%
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Sentronik 7140wsstm tank weigh mounting module. Lower capacity tank and vessel weighing, for process control and batching. Single Module (Includes Stainless steel load cell)

Our Price: US$895.00
Market price: US$932.00 save 4%
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tank-weigh-mounting-sentronik-7140tm(100lb, 5klb, 20klb)

The Sentronik 7140tm tank weigh mounting are designed to be used in the weighing of tanks, hoppers, conveyors or any batching or blending systems. It provides capacities from 100 lb to 20,000 lb each. These mounting is available in Zinc Mild Steel and Stainless SteelWeigh modules are designed to be installed under the legs, mounting lugs, or support beams of a structure.

Our Price: US$448.00
Market price: US$1140.00 save 61%
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tension alignment assembly - isolators sentronik 7110STK

Sentronik 7110STK Load Cell Tension Alignment Assembly - isolators.

Our Price: US$77.00
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