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load cell accesories sentronik

Hardware & Accessories for load cells and scales. These products are convenient for the weighing tasks, when you need the best performance of your equipment to fulfill the development of your organization.



SE8201 Digital load cell simulator has these advantages, such as Handed framework, Liquid crystal display and rechargeable cell supplying, Convenient Weight conversion, Good distinguish ability and High accuracy. PA8201 Digital load cell simulator is a good helper of checking, mending and calibrating electronic scales and weight instruments because it can accurately simulate the output signal of load cells via number adjust.

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Sentronik Load Cell Cable is used to connect or extend the connection of load cells. You can find it with 4 or 6 conductor cableAll conductors are industry-standard color codedUse the 4-wire cable for repairing or extending existing cable. The 6-wire cable is best suited for longer runs where remote sense lines can be used.

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Connecting links are designed to attach one piece of equipment to another. The two halves on the connecting link snap together for permanent closure. Snap on the ends of two lengths of chain (or a loop) for secure connection. These connecting links are made in forged steel, zinc plated with interlocking lugs.

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The Sentronik foot retainer keeps the load cell resting on platform or any metal surface. These foot retainers mate with most load cell leveling feet to prevent scales from moving or changing position. Choose between Mild Steel or Stainless Steel for industrial or washdown environments. Simply locate the retainer and lag it into the floor structure to anchor the scale into position.

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