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s beam load cell sentronik

These load cells derive their name from its shape of S. They can provide an output in accordance with the tension orcompression and offers superior side load rejection.The maximum load capacities ranging from 11 kg to 18,200 kg.


stainless steel s-type load cell sentronik 7110SS 25lb - 40K lb

Sentronik 7110SS Stainless Steel S-Type Load Cell

Interchangeable with

  • RL20000
  • RL20001
  • Revere 363
  • Sensortronics 60001
  • Celtron STC

Our Price: US$340.00
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Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7346SS 10kg 20kg 30kg 40kg 80kg

Sentronik 7346SS Stainless Steel Load Cell is the ideal solution for retail scales, small platform scales and packaging and process weighing where a stainless steel load cell is required. Due to the low profile the integration into any system is easy. The low capacity range (10 - 80 kg) allows the construction of highly accurate low-capacity scales.

Interchangeable with

  • Mettler Toledo MT SSP1022
  • Anyload 108BS

Our Price: US$394.00
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