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SENTRONIK LOAD CELLS: These devices are electronic weight sensors or transducers which purpose is to convert the weight applied to an electrical signal and transmit it to a weight indicator or to the PC.

Weighing load cell sensors: we manufacture all types af load cells, in aluminum, steel or stainless steel, analog and digital, shear beam load cell, single point load cell, canister load cell, double ended compression and s tension type

Weighing applications: Main load cells applications are in weigh scales and balances construction, hoppers, weigh tanks and silos. The heavy duty load cells are use in truck scales and railroad scales.

Load cell: is a measured force load quantity converter, which covert the load acting upon them into an analogue or digital electronic signal. This measurement conversion makes use of a spring element which distorts under the influence of the load been measured and this distortion is detected and captured with the aid of a strain gauge.

Load Cells: are electronic weight sensors or transducers which purpose is to convert the weight applied to an electrical signal and transmit it to weight indicator or to the PC.

The load cell strain gauge: is an element , usually in the form of a looped electrical resistor in the shape of a strip, when incorporated into a transducer it is mounted on flexible backing material. When a load force , such a weigh load force, is exerted on the flexible backing material in contact with the load cell strain gauge; the resulting distortion of the backing material creates a proportional change in the electrical resistance of the strain gauge,. With the range of elasticity, the size of the mechanical distortion remains proportional to the applied mechanical force distortion into the load cells, so, the change of the resistance again in the load cell strain gauge is and electronic measurable proportion to the input load cell force quantity applied.

The loading of a load cell: refer  to the mass “m” that acts on the load cell in its measurement direction  (Load E(à 2)), as a dependent weigh load cell force taking into account the local acceleration due to gravity and its related variables.

Load cell types:  The load cell shape and size is determined by the type of the spring element use. The correct selection of the spring element and load cells mounting components depends among on the following factors as, the direction the load force is applied as compression or tension, the maximum load cell force capacity applied, as well  as the service load and the breaking load. The required measurement accuracy  and configuration requirements.

Load cell applications: Special attention must be paid to the load cells application on the points of the load cell; that is to said not only the the points of contact between a load cell and the load cell is intended to weigh, but also those between a load cell and its bearing surface. Load cells sensors should be use in the prescribed direction of loading only. The direction of loading is indicated by an arrow in many load cells. Lateral forces and bending torsional moments must be avoided as far as possible.





Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7560 150kg

Sentronik 7560 Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell

  • Capacity 150kg
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Protection IP66
  • Max Platform Size 600 x 700

Main Features

  • High accuracy regulations up to OIML R60 3000d for scales class III
  • 300% of Cn Safe load limit (EL)
  • Off-center load compensated 
  • Protection to IP66 

Our Price: US$396.00
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Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7551 25lb 50lb 100lb

The Sentronik 7551 is a low profile high precision, stainless steel, single point platform load cell. This product’s low profile makes it ideal for many low to mid range capacity weighing applications where space is at a premium. This load cell is most commonly used in platform scales, but can be adapted for use in many process weighing applications. The stainless steel construction and IP67 sealing make this load cell ideal for very harsh environment applications. This load cell is specifically designed for use in corrosive and wet environments that are not appropriate for common aluminum load cells.

Our Price: US$470.00
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Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7548 100lb 200lb 500lb 1K lb

The Sentronik 7548 Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell is potted with a special elastic sealant for use in high moisture scales. 2 mv/v, 0.03% nonlinearity, 350/350 ohms, 10 ft 4 cond cable, IP67.

Our Price: US$490.00
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Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7542 5 - 150kg

The Sentronik 7542 is a stainless steel single point load cell with an improved potting. It is suitable for use in industrial environments.


  • Bench scales
  • Floor scales
  • Conveyor scales
  • Washdown applications
  • Corrossion proof

Our Price: US$348.00
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