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load sensor shear beam sentronik

Sentronik Shear Beam Load Cells


shear-beam-load-cell-sentronik-7140 (100lb - 20klb)

Material load cell shear beam Alloy steel

Environmental protection IP67


Our Price: US$138.00
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aluminum shear beam load cell sentronik 7149 300lb

Sentronik 7149 Alloy Steel is a low profile shear beam load cell designed for high accuracy platform scales, pallet scales and process weighing applications. It has high immunity to shock or side loading, and is available in 2 mV/V sensitivity. A special humidity resistant protective coating assures long term stability over the entire compensated temperature range.

Interchangeable with

  •  Tedea Huntleigh 3310

Our Price: US$208.00
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alloy steel shear beam load cell sentronik 7147 7147 2,5K lb

Sentronik 7147 Alloy Steel Shear Beam load cells have a low profile design, and are made specifically for light to medium weighing applications such as floor scales. Their design makes them highly resistant to eccentric loads. Stainless steel construction offers strength and the ultimate in protection when caustic or corrosive environments are encountered. HMT models have M12 x 1/75 tapped through hole in load cavity.

Interchageable with

Cardinal LFB2500HMT-AS

Our Price: US$228.00
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stainless steel shear beam load cells sentronik 7140SS 100lb 200lb 250lb 500lb 1Klb 2Klb 2,5Klb 3Klb 4Klb 5Klb 10Klb 20Klb

This is the most favorite stainless steel load cell for individual enforcement similar depot platform scales or equivalent everybody knows as stainless steel flooring scales. The shear beam stainless steel load cell 7140SS is builded in stainless steel.

Our Price: US$254.00
Market price: US$320.00 save 21%
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