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Medical scale, weighing scales that are dedicated to fulfill functions within the field of health, medicine and for athletes-sports. Medical scale, functions of vital importance with regard to requirements for medical, especially as the dose is indicated with the basis of the weight and height, we even have Medical scale that determine the body mass index, ideal for certain dose.

In the market of the weighing systems, we have covered a different models of Medical scale, with the purpose to customize their needs, addressing in a satisfactory manner each individual or each field that requires being attended by the that we have Medical scale of domestic use focused in the fitness and beauty; hospitable nature; for pharmacies and shops of medical care; among others.

With regard to their physical appearance or technically speaking, its design, the Medical scale, are very varied, since they do not have a specific design, since in general can be designed for various applications, where each design varies. We have Medical scale analog and digital, useful in certain fields, although without a doubt the digital media have caused a greater impact during the last decade, corroborating its stable and becoming the type of Medical scale more reliable at the global level.

The medical scales are a scientific tool that helps to improve the quality of life and the health of the man. Our medical scales are guaranteed and certifications at the global level. We offer advice and quotations for free.


salter brecknel cs-200m medical scale

This mechanical chair scale was designed for weighing those who have difficultly standing on their own. The die-cast easy-to-read beam runs along the back of the chair.Powder coated steel construction. The chair is oversizedfor comfort with armrests that lift away for easy access.The rear wheels lock for safety and the front wheels swivel for easy portability along with easy-to-clean plastic seat.

Easy to Read Dual Beam
Locking Real Wheels for Safety
Swivel Front Wheels for Easy Transport
Lift Away Foot Rest and Arms for Easy Access

Our Price: US$780.00
Market price: US$788.00 save 1%
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physician scale brecknell HS-200M 440lb | 200kg

The HS-200M is a mechanical device for use where either weight or height measurements are necessary. The scale provides accurate weight or height measurements on easy to read linear beams in bold marking. It has a large weighing range and can measure height from 60 cm to 210 cm x 0.1 cm (2' to 7' x 0.125"). Constructed of steel with a durable white fi nish, this scale will provide years of service in normal applications.

Our Price: US$265.00
Market price: US$289.00 save 8%
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medical scale weightsouth wm-500r
The WeighSouth Medical WM500R scale is designed to allow use by three types of users:

1) You can stand on it and unsteady patients can use the robust handrail for security
2) You can use the hinged seat for sit down weighing.
3) Built in ramp allows for wheel chair weighing. Please note that this is a large scale with built in wheels.
Though the unit has wheels, because of its size, it is not intended to be portable.

Our Price: US$2071.00
Market price: US$2135.00 save 3%
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medical scale weightsouth wm-50
With the same features of the WM15 the WeighSouth Medical WM50 offers a higher weighing capacity which makes the scale multipurpose. The infant platform is easily removed to make use of a large stand-on platform for the use of weighing toddlers up to 110 lbs.

Our Price: US$653.00
Market price: US$673.00 save 3%
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