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For each environment or necessity, it will always have the scales that fulfills the expectations and responds with efficiency to the needs of the users. The case that occupies us, the medical scales, is not the exception. On the contrary, it can fill diverse functions of great relevance, mainly because it is talking about health, that many times can end up being quite delicate, which is important to be served as all the devices that contribute to the improvement of the situation for which is crossed.


health o meter 445kl mechanical chair scale

The Health o Meter 445S features an easy-to-read mechanical beam, on steel frame. Heavy duty steel construction.


Our Price: US$815.00
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health o meter 402kl, 402exp mechanical beam scale
The Health o Meter Mechanical Beam Scale features maximum strength, stell base and lever system, easy-read poise bars with engraved, long-lasting readings that can be read from and the back.

Our Price: US$251.00
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health o meter 349klx remote read digital floor scale
These high precision floor scales provide the added benefit of remote displays that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table for easy reading. Steel construction with a large stable platform guarantees safety and durability.

Our Price: US$275.00
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health o meter 2600kl pro plus portable folding digital wheelchair scale
The Health o Meter 2600KL high capacity scale with ramp for easy access. Platform folds up for convenient storage. Industrial strength construction for long lasting reliability.

Our Price: US$2831.00
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