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mettler toledo hr-hg-hb moisture analyzer (41g, 61g, 81g)

mettler toledo hr-hg-hb moisture analyzer (41g, 61g, 81g)

The halogen moisture analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO warrant reliable moisture determination within just minutes. The circular halogen lamp and gold-plated reflector ensure the exceptionally fast and repeatable heating of the sample. The easy operation, automatic method development and sophisticated QM Tools are among the unique features for regulated use.information.

Product Description Pan size
MET HB43S 54g x 0.01% Halogen
MET HG63 61g x 0.01% Halogen
MET HG63P 61g x 0.01% Halogen
MET HR83 81g x 0.01%/0.001% Halogen
MET HR83P 81g x 0.01%/0.001% Halogen
Accessories: ------------------------- -------------------------
MET HA-TC/NIST Temperature calibration kit, with certificate for two temps
MET HA-TC Temperature calibration kit  
MET HA-P43 Printer for HR83, HG63  
MET RS-P42 Printer for HB43  
MET 13865 Aluminum sample pans (50)
MET HA-DR1 Stainless steel reusable pans (3)
MET HA-PH Sample pan handler. Facilitate removal of the hot sample pans
MET HA-F1 Fiber pads for liquids (100)  
MET 214695 For drying fibers (HA-Cage)  
MET 72456 Paper for built-in printer HA- LC-P45 and RS-P42 (5 rolls)
MET HA-CASE Transport case for HR and HG  
MET 11113855 Transport case for HB  
MET 11600361 Steel cable lock for HB  
MET 214533 Protective cover for keypad (2), HR and HG
MET 11113363 Protective cover for keypad (2), HB
MET 21615 Ribbon for built-in printer HA LC-P45 and RS-P42 (black casse
MET 158640 20g calibration weight, HB  
MET 158440 50g calibration weight, HG/HR  

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