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ohaus adventurer pro serie precision balance and NTEP models (51g to 8100g)

ohaus adventurer pro serie precision balance and NTEP models (51g to 8100g)

Since its introduction, the Ohaus Adventurer Pro has established itself as the industry most versatile balance. It counts, it sums, it holds and it delivers traceable results. Now, the versatility goes to the next level by expanding the Adventurer Pro line to include a full range of Analytical and High Precision models. No other balance in its class offers all these features in a compact design:

Easy Access, Frameless Draftshield with Removable Doors All doors, including the front and back glass panels, disassemble in seconds, and together with a stainless steel bottom, make it fast and easy to clean.

SmarText Software Guides Users Through Balance Use SmarText is Ohaus easy to use balance software that utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance setup.

QuadraStance Design Provides Superior Footprint Stability To enhance weighing stability, QuadraStance incorporates four feet to provide superior footprint stability on any surface.

Flexibility of Available Options Ensure weighing accuracy with InCal internal
calibration. A factory installed USB or second RS232 interface allows connection to
multiple peripherals.

* with internal calibration

Adventurer Pro Analytical and Precision Balances data sheet Adventurer Pro Analytical and Precision Balances.pdf

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Our Price: US$761.00
Product Description Price
OHA AV8101N NTEP 8100g X 1g,''e''=''d''=1g 848.00
OHA AV6101N NTEP 6100g X 1g,''e''=''d''=1g 826.00
OHA AV4101N NTEP 4100g X 1g,''e''=''d''=1g 793.00
OHA AV2101N NTEP 2100g X 1g,''e''=''d''=1g 761.00
OHA AV812N NTEP 810g X 0.1g,''e''=''d''=0 870.00
OHA AV612N NTEP 610g X 0.1g,''e''=''d''=0 826.00
OHA AV412N NTEP 410g X 0.1g,''e''=''d''= 783.00
OHA AV212N NTEP 210g X 0.1g, ''e''=''d''= 761.00
OHA AV53N NTEP 51g X 0.02g, 3.5'' high R 767.00
OHA AV8101C 8100g X 0.1g with InCal 1205.00
OHA AV8101 8100g X 0.1g 1100.00
OHA AV4101C 4100g X 0.1g with InCal 1085.00
OHA AV4101 4100g X 0.1g 975.00
OHA AV2101C 2100g X 0.1g with InCal 1000.00
OHA AV2101 2100g X 0.1g 890.00
OHA AV3102C 3100g X 0.01g with InCal 1900.00
OHA AV3102 3100g X 0.01g 1620.00
OHA AV2102C 2100g X 0.01g with InCal 1700.00
OHA AV2102 2100g X 0.01g 1425.00
OHA AV812C 810g X 0.01g with InCal 1240.00
OHA AV812 810g X 0.01g 1125.00
OHA AV412 410g X 0.01g 990.00
OHA AV412C 410g X 0.01g with InCal 1090.00
OHA AV212 210g X 0.01g 890.00
OHA AV212C 210g X 0.01g with InCal 995.00
OHA AV313 310g X 0.001g with 5.25 ” high 1600.00
OHA AV313C 310g X 0.001g with InCal & 5.2 1900.00
OHA AV213C 210g X 0.001g InCal & 5.25” hi 1750.00
OHA AV53 51g X 0.001g with 3.5” high Ro 1020.00
OHA AV213 210g X 0.001g with 5.25” high 1450.00
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