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ohaus explorer precision balance and NTEP (220 to 10200 g)

ohaus explorer precision balance and NTEP (220 to 10200 g)
The OHAUS Explorer Pro Series of standard level balances was designed for simplicity and includes the industry easiest user interface for effortless setup and operation; no training is required. The Explorer Pro offers all the features and durability found in high-end laboratory balances plus the traditional OHAUS quality and support for years of trouble-free use!

Standard Features Include:

  • Simple 2-key menu navigation
  • Text prompts for fast setup
  • Seven Application modes plus below balance weighing
  • Brilliant backlit high resolution dot matrix display
  • RS232 port for easy communication with computer or printer
  • GLP compliant with user selectable outputs
  • Five Language operational display text
  • Protective in-use cover and security bracket
  • Industry leading warranty and support
  • NTEP Legal-For-Trade certified models

Explorer Analytical precision and Higth Capacity Balances data sheet Explorer Analytical precision and Higth Capacity Balances.pdf

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Our Price: US$3040.00
Product Description Price
OHA EX10201N NTEP 10200g X 0.1g (e = 0.1g) 3518.00
OHA EX4202N NTEP 4200g X 0.0[1]g (e = 0.1g 3495.00
OHA EX10202N NTEP 10200g X 0.0[1]g (e = 0.1 4574.00
OHA EX1103N NTEP 1100g X 0.00[1]g (e = 0.0 4574.00
OHA EX423N NTEP 420g X 0.00[1]g (e = 0.01 3495.00
OHA EX324N NTEP 320g X 0.000[1]g (e = 0.0 5219.00
OHA EX224N NTEP 220g X 0.000[1]g (e = 0.0 4574.00
OHA EX10201 10200g x 0.1g 3330.00
OHA EX6201 6200g x 0.1g 3100.00
OHA EX10202 10200g x 0.01g 4395.00
OHA EX6202 6200g x 0.01g 3620.00
OHA EX4202 4200g x 0.01g 3310.00
OHA EX2202 2200g x 0.01g 3050.00
OHA EX1103 1100g x 0.001g with draftshiel 4375.00
OHA EX623 620g x 0.001g with draftshield 3615.00
OHA EX423 420g x 0.001g with draftshield 3310.00
OHA EX223 220g x 0.001g with draftshield 3040.00
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