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ohaus explorer® precision balance (220g to 10200g)

ohaus explorer® precision balance (220g to 10200g)


The OHAUS Explorer® features an application-based graphical user interface along with an advanced anti-static draftshield, enhanced weighing performance, and a modular display that detaches from the weighing base. Ingeniously striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and functional design, the Explorer delivers accurate performance that will improve efficiency in the laboratory.

 Design Features-AutoCal™ fully-automatic internal calibration system, fast stabilization time, four touchless sensors, up to 11 operating languages, NTEP and OIML models available, menu lock switch, security bracket, integral weigh below hook for below balance weighing applications, removable stainless steel weighing platform, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, auto standby.

Application Modes:

  • Weighing
  • Percent Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Check Weighing
  • Dynamic/Animal Weighing
  • Filling
  • Totalization
  • Formulation
  • Differential Weighing
  • Density Determination
  • Peak Hold
  • Ingredient Costing
  • Pipette Adjustment
  • SQC

Display-Full-color VGA graphic display (5.7 in. diagonal), 4-wire resistive touch screen. QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad to quickly input GLP and GMP data and other application data

Communication-Easy access communication ports including standard USB and RS232 and an optional third port of either RS232 or Ethernet. GLP/GMP Data Ouput with Real Time Clock. Data Transfer Function.


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EX223 220g x 0.001g w/Draftshield 2945.00
EX423 420g x 0.001g w/Draftshield 3202.00
EX623 620g x 0.001g w/Draftshield 3502.00
EX1103 1100g x 0.001g 4228.00
EX2202 2200g x 0.01g 2945.00
EX4202 4200g x 0.01g 3202.00
EX6202 6200g x 0.01g 3502.00
EX10202 10200g x 0.01g 4228.00
EX6201 6200g x 0.1g 3001.00
EX10201 10200g x 0.1g 2933.00
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