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ohaus mechanical balances

Whether you’re in need of a basic but high quality balance or you’re looking for the top-of-the-line model that gives you complete flexibility in the classroom, Ohaus has the ideal weighing product for you. No matter which weighing instrument you choose, rest assured you can count on every Ohaus weighing instrument to be accurate and dependable, time and time again.


ohaus pull type spring scale (250 to 2000 g)

Designed to deliver reproducible results time after time. Perfect for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations, and much more.

Our Price: US$14.00
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ohaus dial type spring scale (250 to 2000 g)

This Dial-Type Spring Scale (8011-MA) offers a versatile and inexpensive way to display measurements in Grams and Avoirdupois Ounces for a variety of materials in classrooms to laboratories.

Our Price: US$24.00
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ohaus school and primer mechanical balance 2000g

The SB1200 School Balance is the ideal teaching tool to introduce elementary and middle School students to the science of metrology. With a capacity of 2000 grams and a pivoting beam that provides accuracy to .5 grams, mass measurements can be achieved for small objects such as paper clips, marbles and coins as well as heavier objects such as books. This versatility makes this balance a valuable part of any science curriculum.

Our Price: US$32.00
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ohaus harvard junior mechanical balance (2000g)

Unlike any balance you've ever seen in an elementary classroom, the new OHAUS Harvard Junior has the power to unleash the young scientist pent up in all your students. With its unique design, the Harvard Junior offers the combination of a colorful and inviting, plastic two-pan balance with the durability and accuracy of the more expensive Harvard Trip, by incorporating a precision-engineered metal beam and zero adjust compensator.

Our Price: US$80.00
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