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ohaus navigator portable balance (1600 a 16000 g)

ohaus navigator portable balance (1600 a 16000 g)

The Only Scale in its Class with Touchless Sensors That Free Up Your Hands!

OHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented scales, once again! The NAVIGATOR series offers a best-in-class combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications.

Product Features

Operation AC Adapter or Internal Rechargeable Battery (included) or 4 C Batteries (not included). Communication Optional RS232 or USB or Ethernet Interface Kits with Integrated Cables. Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD ) with Backlight. Construction ABS plastic housing, 304 stainless steel pan . Design Features Up front illuminated level indicator, removable stainless steel weighing platform, menu lockswitch, integral security bracket, integral shipping lock, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, low battery indicator, auto shut-off.

  • Two touchless sensors free up your hands for handling samples and limiting keypad wear and tear.
  • Ultra-fast stabilization in less than one second provides fast, accurate and repeatable weighing results, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput.
  • Superior mechanical overload protection system & integrated shipping lock allows the scale to withstand loads up to 400% of its rated capacity, and protects the weighing cell from damage during transportation or storage.

Navigator Series Precision Portable Scales data sheet Navigator Series Precision Portable Scales.pdf

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Our Price: US$410.00
Product Description Price
OHA NVT16000/1 16,000g X 1g US$410.00
OHA NVT6401/1 6,400g X 0.5g US$410.00
OHA NVT10001/1 10,000g X 0.5g US$410.00
OHA NVT1601/1 1,600g X 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NVT3201/1 3,200g X 0.2g US$410.00
OHA NVL10000/1 10 kg x 1g US$410.00
OHA NVL20000/1 20 kg x 1g US$410.00
OHA NVL2101/1 2,100g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NVL5101/1 5,100g x 0.5g US$410.00
OHA NVL511/1 510g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NVL1101/1 1,100g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NV5101 5,100g x 0.5g US$410.00
OHA NV4101 4,100g x 0.2g US$410.00
OHA NV2101 2,100g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NV1101 1,100g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NV511 510g x 0.1g US$410.00
OHA NV212 210g x 0.01g US$410.00
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