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ohaus pull type spring scale (250 to 2000 g)

ohaus pull type spring scale (250 to 2000 g)

Designed to deliver reproducible results time after time. Perfect for general weighing, force experiments, action-reaction demonstrations, and much more.

Product Features

  • Capacity: 250g / 9oz
  • Readability: 10g / 1/4oz
  • Pull-Type Spring
  • Measures Grams & Ounces

Ohaus Pull Spring Dial Balance data sheet Ohaus Pull Spring Dial Balance.pdf

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SKU OHA 80001
Our Price: US$14.00
Product Description Price
OHA 8265-M0 2000g X 20g 16.00
OHA 8264-M0 1000g X 10g 16.00
OHA 8263-M0 500g X 5g 16.00
OHA 8001-MA 250g X 10g, 9 oz X 1/4 oz 14.00
OHA 8001-MN 250g X 10g, & 2.5N X 0.1N 14.00
OHA 8002-MN 500g X 20g, & 5N X 0.2N 14.00
OHA 8003-MN 1000g X 25g, & 10N X 0.25N 14.00
OHA 8003-PN 2.25lb. X .05lb., 10N X 0.25N 17.00
OHA 8004-MA 2000g X 50g, 72 oz X 2 oz 14.00
OHA 8004-MN 2000g X 50g, & 20N X 0.5N 14.00
OHA 8004-PN 4.5lb. X .1lb., 20N X 0.5N 17.00
OHA 8008-MN 5000g X 100g, & 50N X 1N 14.00
OHA 8008-PN 11.25lb. X .25lb., 50N X 1N 17.00
OHA 8261-M0 100g X 1g 16.00
OHA 8262-M0 200g X 2g 16.00
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