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ohaus ranger compact high resolution scale (3kg to 60kg)

ohaus ranger compact high resolution scale (3kg to 60kg)

Extending the Ohaus Ranger series of industrial compact bench scales, the Ranger High Resolution model offers MFR (Magnetic Force Restoration) load cell technology in a cast aluminum housing. Using the same fast microprocessor as the Rangers, the MFR load cell ensures an external resolution up to 1:350,000 with readabilities to 0.01 grams / 0.00002 lbs. Available in three platform sizes and a full range of capacities, Ranger High Resolution meet the requirements for industrial applications demanding near-analytical precision. The High Resolution Ranger's simple menu operation and large backlit LCD display make it easy-to-use in demanding industrial environments.

  • Three platforms and capacities from 3 kg to 35 kg / 6 lb to 70 lb
  • Readabilities from 0.01g / 0.00002 lb to 0.1 g / 0.0002 lb
  • Features g, kg, lb and oz weighing units
  • RS232 data interface standard, with a second RS232 as factory option
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines

Ohaus Ranger High-Resolution Compact Scales data sheet Ohaus Ranger High-Resolution Compact Scales.pdf

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Our Price: US$2323.00
Product Description Price
OHA RD3RM 6.6lb X 0.00002lb / 3kg X 0.00 US$2323.00
OHA RD6RM 13.2lb X 0.00005lb / 6kg X 0.0 US$2323.00
OHA RD15LM 33lb X 0.0001lb / 15kg X 0.000 US$2323.00
OHA RD35LM 77lb X 0.0002lb / 35kg X 0.000 US$2323.00
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