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The Pallet Scales are dedicated to weigh the pallets that contain the merchandise to organize. The load is placed on the scale with the help of its fork wheelbarrow or platform. The pallet scales are made of painted steel and they are equipped with wheels and hadles which facilitates the transport to the place where it will be used. They are very useful when carrying out both tasks quickly, to weigh and to carry out the merchandise to the place where it will be stored.


mettler toledo xpts pallet truck scale (4000lb)

The Xpress Economy Pallet Truck Scale: The mobile, battery-powered solution for transport and weighing in one easy step. The Xpress Economy Pallet Truck Scale is the ideal solution for fast and precise mobile weighing in industrial and warehousing applications. The Xpress Economy Pallet Truck Scale is available in two different fork widths and features an onboard weighing system with a 6 digit high contrast LCD indicator and four color coded tactile-feel keys.

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