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pocket scales

These economic pocket scales are solid and portable, they have many functions as the tare. Most of them have a sliding case and comes with backlight display. The pocket scales operate with great precision and they have a hard case as protection in front of external agents. Some models comes with stainless steel pans. The capacity of weighing of these pocket scales is generally from 100 to 1000 grams according to the model.


and hj serie compact scales (150g)
The HJ-150 Series pocket scale is suitable to carry with you anywhere in your pocket, bag or briefcase. Easy to carry in your pocket, bag or briefcase and measurement can be done even in extremely cramped conditions (66 x 98mm).

Our Price: US$95.00
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and pv series compact bench scale composite (60g to 500g)

The PV Series fits in your shirt pocket for "on the go" needs.


Our Price: US$96.00
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ohaus hand held hh series portable balance (60g, 120g, 320g)
Ohaus Hand-Held Scales are convenient and compact allowing weighing in the palm of your hand. Use them to weigh jewelry, take them out into the field, for quality control, these scales are ideal to carry anywhere. They easily fit into your pocket or backpack for weighing on the go with capacities up to 320g and readabilities of 0.1g.

Our Price: US$153.00
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ohaus ya series gold hand held pocket balance (100g to 500g)

The YA Series pocket device delivers great performance in a stylish, yet functional design and convenient size, that iss ideal to take anywhere carry it in a brief case or drop it in your pocket! With a bright, backlit LCD and simple, quick operation, there is no reason to settle for other brands when you can have the best.

Our Price: US$56.00
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